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    I went to see Dr.Siegfried after hearing of his success with sinus blockage problems.
   He asked me about trauma I have had to my head in the past. I played rough sports in school, football etc. And had lots of bumps to the head and body. During my Marine corps career, I was banged on my head with a Rifle bolt for putting the gun back together faster than instruction to do so. I have suffered painful sinus infections through the years, could not breath very well through the years. My son kept telling me I should see Dr. Siegfried, so I did and I cannot tell you how wonderful this treatment has been for me. After three treatments I could breath through my nose. My sense of smell returned. I really feel like a new person. My sinuses took a while to unload all the blockage, and now it is normal, I can blow my nose, and everything is loose.

- Chuck Dunn

Dr. Siegfried reviewing and demonstration of Nasal Specific on Cerebral Palsy Patient

Amy was 3 weeks old when she had her first cranial adjustment. her little face was all scrunched and she had deep lines from the corner of her nose to the corner of her mouth. after her adjustment her little face was smooth. also it cleaned out her nasal passages. She was a healthy baby till she was months old. At that time she got an ear infection. I took her to the doctor. He put her on antibiotics and was told when she finish so would her ear infection. After 10 days of antibiotics, she had reverted back to crawling, she was almost walking before  this, and after the antibiotics were gone her ear infection came back. So we brought her in and had a cranial adjustment. After her adjustment she had awful drainage. Then the next day she got up and walked. Throughout the years when her ears would bother her we'd get her a treatment.

One time when Amy was two and a half years old, she fell off a swing and hit her head hard. After 2 days of sitting around not wanting to play and throwing up every time she ate. We took her in to get a treatment. It was amazing. This little two year old just sat on my lap without moving much at all . When we came in and afterwards she got down and played and laughed. What a relief. This treatment has also been very beneficial when her new permanent teeth were coming in very crooked. We got her a few more adjustments and now her teeth are  a lot straighter. It's been great to have something so natural, and healthy be there for our children.

                                                                                                               - Amy J.

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