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Through the years, Dr. Siegfried has been a tremendous help to my good health with his chiropractic adjustments and his expertise of information and advice about good health and whole food nutrition. his chiropractic adjustments have given me relief from the various aches and pains I have experienced which has included his help to recover from a work-related hand/wrist stress problem before more damage developed.

He genuinely cares for his patients and their well being, is always willing to answer questions and/or make room in his schedule for a needed appointment.

Personally, I consider chiropractic care as part of my health routine aiming to have the best possible good health that I can have; and I am glad to have known Dr. Siegfried as my chiropractor for many years.

                                                                                                                               -Mary Ann S.

I have been working as a hairdresser for over 30 years. Cutting, curling, giving permanents, etc... using many muscles takes it's toll on my health but I found what I needed in a chiropractor and nutritionist in Dr. Siegfried. I look forward to coming for my regular adjustment and having any questions answered that I have on nutrition. I finally know the difference between whole food concentrates and so - called vitamins and minerals and extracts, which are usually just a bunch of chemicals. If you need a good chiropractor and nutritionist I suggest Dr. Siegfried.


  Dr. Siegfried has been an instrumental component for my success in professional baseball. For the past couple of years he has gone above and beyond to help me stay healthy and strong through the physical grind of a 140 game baseball season.


 I had extreme pain in my knee for almost 3 months, went to two doctors that told me it was arthritis and I would need a joint replacement, and in mean time take pain pills. After six sessions and 2 bottles of whole food supplements my knee has no pain and I can walk without crutches or a cane.


 When I started I had constant pain that would not even let me sleep at night. After help from the doctor I can not only sleep good again, but have no more pain that waters my eyes. I feel that the treatments have helped me by at least 85 to 90% and still getting better. I am very happy to have had your help Dr. Siegfried.


For about 10 years now I have had a problem with the tendons in my shoulders. I have a bone spur that the tendons rub against. If I ignore the pain and continue in the activity the pain will become so intense that I will have to get a cortisone shot.

Originally I used a lot of ibuprofen. After one intensely painful episode and a visit to the hospital emergency clinic to get cortisone shot I knew I had to find something besides surgery and pain killers.

During one of my visits to Dr. Siegfried for a back adjustment, I asked if he could recommend something to try for my tendon problem. He recommended Congaplex as a n anti-inflammatory. It worked every time without fail I have not had to take a pain killer since using Congaplex. Goodbye ibuprofen!

I am an aggressive cross country skier who likes to make my own trail. This puts a lot of stress on the shoulder muscles and tendons because one is working the arms so hard. Now I take two Congaplex just before cross country skiing, chopping wood, or any of the other activities that inflame my tendons. If I should forget and start to notice pain, I stop and take two Congaplex and within 15 to 20 minutes this fact acting supplement allows me to continue with my activity. And no side affects.

I am now over 6, and Lord willing I will be able to continue enjoying out door activities for awhile yet. I go backpacking in to the wilderness in the summer with a large pack. I also go backpacking on skies into the wilderness in the winter with a large pack for several days at a time with others much younger than myself. It is a blessing to be able to go with them and enjoy the enthusiasm of their youth. They do the jumps, I take the pictures!

Thanks for your help, adjustments and supplement advice (I am sure the Grandkids would thank you too!)


A year ago, my dentist informed me that my gums were receding, many places almost to the point of tooth damage. There was a lot of bleeding during the cleaning, which meant there were pockets of infection. This was very discouraging to me because I have been religiously doing what the dentists recommend to prevent this (flossing and brushing) for many years. The dentist had no real suggestions for what I could do to stop the deterioration. Sometimes it “just happens”.

About nine months ago, I began taking whole food supplements every day. I noticed a big difference in my body’s well-being and energy from this.

Last month I returned to the dentist for cleaning. After working my teeth and gums over, she informed me  that twelve places on the bottom had completely healed and five places on the top (the top heals more slowly), and there was no bleeding when she measured, which meant there was no current infection.

The only change I made was the supplements!

Additionally, a few years ago I began having an allergic reaction to dust, mold and cats. My throat would itch, my nose would run, and I would sneeze and blow like mad. I should’ve bought stock in Kleenex! Well, I‘ve only recently realized that the allergy has disappeared! I haven’t bought a new box of Kleenex in months. Nothing in my environment has changed – except the supplements.

It goes without saying that I am very impressed by this. I’ve taken huge mouthfuls of vitamins all my life, and this is the first time I have ever noticed any difference between taking them or not. And certainly I’ve never gotten this kind of result!


I’m over 50 now, and some major thanks goes to my Chiropractor, Dr.Siegfried. I am now doing better than ever physically and otherwise. However, 9 years ago after having a baby at age 43, I felt unusually drained and sometimes it felt like my body was totally shutting down. You can imagine being 43 years old with a new baby, having uncertainties about being able to get out of the chair to care for the baby!

I started looking at what changed (other than having a baby). I realized that when I took certain vitamins, I felt worse. This led me to the fact I was severely reacting to iodine in vitamins. Wanting to make sure that I knew of anything else going on, I saw the head of the Endocrinology Dept. at a major hospital. This doctor’s diagnosis was that I had a thyroid disease. I was told that within 5 years I would have no thyroid left. I knew I did not want to go the traditional medical route which was to address the symptoms instead of solving the underlying causes.

I knew that my father had always felt better after seeing his Chiropractor. So I went to Dr. Siegfried who 1) did not agree that I had to lose my thyroid (which helped me disagree with the medical field), 2) He was confident that my health could be improved by adjusting my neck which was pinching nerves that were supposed to take nutrients to the tyroid area and 3) by using whole food supplements to nourish the thyroid back to health.

It worked! With regular adjustments and good nutrition (oils, whole food supplements, and Thyrophin – a supplement that feeds the thyroid), I felt immediate improvements, and within a year my blood work was showing great improvements. It has now been 9 years, and the blood work is no longer showing any thyroid problem! The last doctor I went to didn’t try to give me a prescription for my thyroid problem. I feel terrific.

It has been almost 10 years since I diagnosed with the thyroid disease. I no longer have any symptoms. My son is almost 10 years old and I can almost keep up with him! I’m no longer wondering if I have stamina to be a mom and/or to work or volunteer help to others. My life is whole again and I know that I’m well mostly because of the adjustments, whole food supplements and the confidence that together we could fix what was actually wrong. Thank God for Chiropractors like Dr. Siegfried.


A friend recommended Dunn Chiropractic Clinic to me over 20 years ago. I was very impressed. Now I am a 78 year old lady, retired farmer, who has worked very hard all my life. I would recommend Dr. Siegfried’s gentle, caring, personality and gentle, knowledgeable treatments to anyone. He is what keeps me going. Thank you Dr.


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