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Eye Problem Treatment

Portland, OR  503-977-0055

McMinnville, OR  503-472-6550

They have been called the windows of the soul. But sometimes they get blurry and don’t work too well. And the question is always what to do. There are conventional medical and unconventional/non-medical things you can do.

A recent case in point is the testimonial given by a patient who had a disease in process and it was halted by the care she was given and her home care program.

The eyes are a direct part of the nervous system and connected to the brain. They are very delicate to say the least. And like all biological systems they need food, water, oxygen and power (nervous energy).

The nerve supply must not be interfered with. No pressure or they will not function properly.

The “gas and oil” must be good. No “white plague foods”: sugar, white flour, pasteurized milk, etc. Raw, organic, non-gmo’d, whole food concentrates should be a priority in addition to a diet of the same. Particular foods would be carrots and sunflower seeds and even the oil.

Particularly for the eyes, nutritionally we use Eye Support, Cod Liver Oil, and Caro-C off the top.

From the “alignment/mechanical/nervous system standpoint” we recommend chiropractic adjustments, bilateral nasal specifics, home traction and neck exercises, “cupping” and other eye
exercises used by airline pilots, a regimen given to me as a kid by a neighbor of mine who was a pilot in WW II. As well as other exercises for the eyes.

The eye exercise program is available by asking for a copy. “THE EYES HAVE IT” so protect them as best you can.

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