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Auto/Whiplash Injury Treatment Explanation & Testimonials - Portland/McMinnville OR

A car accident can be a life changing experience. Usually not for the better. Injuries causing back, neck, head, even shoulders, hands and feet pain can change your life. The simplest of daily activities can become a problem: sleeping, working, walking, etc. Also a loss of energy, and many other activities that we usually take for granted. Until they are compromised. Then there can be problems with your ability to do your work, getting your car fixed, dealing with an insurance company, needing a lawyer to help you. The list goes on and on.Depending on the severity of the accident, some people may go to the emergency room, their family doctor, the chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, try exercising, etc.

The most important thing to do first after a car accident is to go to a doctor: chiropractor, medical doctor, emergency room. Be sure you have not broken any bones. An x-ray will determine if you have broken any bones. If you have not, then you have what is called a "soft tissue injury". Most of the time.

Soft tissue injuries can involve pinched nerves, stretched ligaments, muscles and tendons. All contributing to different levels of pain and dysfunction. As a chiropractor, I am thinking first (after we know that you don't have any broken bones): do you have any pinched nerves? What is the alignment of your spine? Do you have any subluxations (bones out of place)? If so, then a myriad of symptoms can be caused by this. Go to my website to see the video showing you what happens to your body in a rear-end car accident. It happens fast. Sometimes you don't even know what hit you.

My procedure on your first visit with me is to understand what happened in the car accident (your history), where you were sitting at the time of impact, etc. Whether or not you are in any pain, how much pain, where the pain is, how it affects you, etc.

The first thing is to be sure you have no broken bones as determined by X-RAY, MRI or CAT Scan. Sometimes a patient may already have these, or at least the report(s) when they come for their free consultation. If not, we want to do the appropriate test for you. Usually the x-ray is first.

Next is to examine you. The exam includes a postural exam where I evaluate you standing in gravity. Are you standing straight? Any head tilt? Ears, shoulders, hips level? Feet turned in/out?
Shoes wearing evenly? All these positions (postural attitudes), can cause stress in your back or neck causing pinched nerves and pain and dysfunction.

After your postural examination, I feel the bony prominences of the whole back and neck for misalignments (subluxations), tight, tender spots and muscle spasms. These areas, when out of alignment (subluxated), can also cause malfunction in for example, the stomach, bowels, etc.

After your palpation exam, I perform some orthopedic and neurological tests to further determine any pressure on the nerves or discs or joints.

If you have any other health conditions we will talk about them as well. It is important for me to get as clear a picture as possible of your overall health. This allows me to give you an idea (prognosis) as to how you may respond to my care plan if I accept you as a patient.

Finally, I will either recommend any further imaging studies (X-RAYS/MRI) you may need.

Once I have all this information, I will let you know if I can accept you as a patient. If so, I will then recommend a care plan specific for your injury. I will also recommend that you at least consult for free with a Personal Injury Lawyer who specializes in car accident injuries so that you will understand any and all legal issues that may arise during the course of your care with me. These may include issues like time loss, car repairs, etc... And once you are stable or as close to your pre-accident status as possible, he will help you get your bills paid as well as settle your claim for future pain and suffering.

Personal Injury Attorney FAQs (pdf)

Your Care with Me

Our goal is very simple. Get you out of pain, back to your pre-accident status, as soon as possible, with as few problems (residuals) as possible. And a home care program that will include specific stretches, traction positions, all designed to help you maintain and improve upon what we have accomplished in the office. The more you do at home, the less follow up/maintenance care you will need once you are stabilized. And you will need some schedule of follow up/maintenance care that we will determine together.

You will be given a written recommendation plan for clinic and home care.

The clinic treatment care will include gentle massage/trigger point release to the injured muscles, then chiropractic adjustments to the spine, followed by some traction positions to be done at home between treatments. I will also show you stretches to be done at home. Massage therapy will also be prescribed to relax and keep the muscles lose so they can heal properly.

Within this care plan that I give to you are specific whole food concentrates that will help feed your injured ligaments, tendons and muscles. I realize that most people are taking vitamins, minerals and herbs etc. What I recommend are strictly whole food concentrates that are high in the necessary nutrients needed to heal your injured body parts.

From a dietary standpoint, I recommend you avoid the "white plague": white flour, white sugar, pasteurized milk. These rob your body of necessary vitamins, minerals, etc. that your body needs to heal. If you cannot eliminate them, at least cut back. I realize this recommendation may raise a few eyebrows. I can guide you to understand it. One resource to check is the Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation. This is the original source of this health information that was thoroughly documented back in the 1920's to 1940's.

Janos Kiraly Testimonial

It’s Never Too Late: For Dr. Siegfried, the German Medical Engineer.

I am a patient of Dr. Siegfried’s. I would like to share one of my best experiences with you that I have had. At 67 years old I was thinking my life was over, I’m an old man and I have to accept that, but thank you Dr. Siegfried for changing my life for the better in the last few months.

In my earlier years I was very active and competent. I was a professional motocross rider for 15 years. After this time I skied a lot of black diamond trails on my mountains. Then for the last 20 years I have played soccer on Portland’s over forty team. All of these sports are well known for high risk accidents and injuries. I was no exception from this. I collected many of them myself. Just a few from the list: broken leg, broken ribs, broken sternum, compressed vertebrae in my back, injured neck, hips, shoulders and knees. Yes I did earn platinum medals but for this I also have metal in my leg and in my collarbone.

The worst accident happened to me 25 years ago, as I recall we were practicing for the upcoming China Hat 100 Motorcycle Desert Race. We were at the beginning of the practice when I hit a camouflage hidden stump with my front wheel of my bike, I flew over the handle bars and landed on my head, my helmet stuck well in the sand.

My injury from this crash was so severe I was in the intensive care unit for a week in the local hospital. I fractured my back, sternum and ribs. I lost 2 inches from my normal height. I went from 5’6’ to 5’4” from the impact.

On the day of my discharge from the hospital I was advised to stay away from chiropractors. So I listened to my surgeon and the other doctors and I did not go near a chiropractor for at least 20 years. I paid a very high price for listening to this advice. I was living my life in tremendous pain and discomfort for all those years.

At the end of last year I was involved in a bad car accident on I-5. I was hit and sandwiched between two SUV’s while driving my small Toyota. As I recall my car was bouncing like a tennis ball on the pavement at the time of impact. I was seriously injured again on top of my old injuries. When I looked at myself in the mirror I was crooked and I could not standup straight. The very next day I went to visit with Dr. Siegfried looking for help.

After being examined Dr. Siegfried felt sorry for me. He knew how badly I was injured and how much pain I was in at the time. The very first treatment gave me instant relief from my pain and discomfort. When he explained to me his first goal was to stop the pain, I did not believe him that he could do it because I was in very bad and constant pain for the last 25 years.

After treatments where Dr. Siegfried was using all his knowledge and experience to treat me, the results came to be fantastic. All of my pain is now gone and I don’t have to suffer anymore. To achieve this goal the methods of his adjusting treatments at the clinic he additionally included treatment with an advanced decompression and traction table and massage therapy and exercises at my local gym.

He also provided me with knowledge of how to eat right and take care of myself in the future. And he put me on the road to good nutrition like fresh cod liver oil and calphonite, a source of calcium which helped me heal. And other whole food supplements he taught me about. I also regained 1.5” to my height. I can stand and walk straight up now. Be realigning my spine, he freed up and released the pressure on my nervous system. Now I can breathe and sleep better, I have lots of energy and motivation, my memory and thinking is a lot sharper than before and I am more flexible.

Thank you to you and your staff for my brand new life Dr. Siegfried. After I escaped from communist Hungary years ago, I became a factory trained Mercedes mechanic.. I eventually came to this great country to continue my work. You, Dr. Siegfried, are truly a German Engineer in your medical field when it comes to body reconstruction. What I learned from you was to eat well, stay in shape, check my body alignment and receive adjustments as needed is a must to staying healthy in this life. You truly care about your patients. Thank you again.

I had a car accident a couple of months ago and I've been having treatment with Dr. Siegfried for back pain. All I can say is that the service is great: prompt and courteous and both Dr. Siegfried and his wife Rebecca are excellent professionals and warm people as well. I feel great, improving my well being every session thanks to their dedication.

  - Emma B.

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